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New Methods in Historical Corpora

New Methods in Historical Corpora cover
E-ISBN 9783823377603
P-ISBN 9783823367604
Verlag Narr Francke Attempto
Erscheinungstermin 02.10.2013
Seiten 286
Seitenpreis pro Teilnehmer Basic: 3.59 Cent / Comfort: 7.19 Cent


Contents PDF 6‑8
(Buch 5-7)
Preface PDF 8‑16
(Buch 7-15)
I. Historical linguistic corpora: Some fundamental issues PDF 16‑18
(Buch 15-17)
Grammatical mark-up:Some more demarcation disputes
PDF 18‑38
(Buch 17-37)
English historical corpora in transition:from new tools to legacy corpora?
PDF 38‑56
(Buch 37-55)
Language data exploitation: design and analysis ofhistorical language corpora
PDF 56‑76
(Buch 55-75)
II. Historical linguistic corpora: Analysis, projects,and results PDF 76‑78
(Buch 75-77)
Letters of artisans and the labouring poor (England, c. 1750-1835)
PDF 78‑94
(Buch 77-93)
SciTex: a diachronic corpus for analyzing the development of scientific registers
PDF 94‑106
(Buch 93-105)
On the usefulness of using parallel texts indiachronic investigations
PDF 106‑118
(Buch 105-117)
A corpus-based diachronic analysis of Slovene clitics
PDF 118‑128
(Buch 117-127)
The Historical Luxembourgish Bilingual Database of Public Notices
PDF 128‑140
(Buch 127-139)
Phraseological change – a book with seven seals?
PDF 140‑152
(Buch 139-151)
Formulaicity in Scots historical corporaand the lexical bundles method
PDF 152‑164
(Buch 151-163)
Of-genitive versus s-genitive
PDF 164‑182
(Buch 163-181)
Past tense BE forms in Late Modern Lancashire English
PDF 182‑196
(Buch 181-195)
Anglo-Latin and Old English
PDF 196‑206
(Buch 195-205)
III. Historical linguistic corpora: Architecture,annotation, and tools PDF 206‑208
(Buch 205-207)
The Kassel Corpus of Clause Linking
PDF 208‑222
(Buch 207-221)
Constructing a canonicalized corpus of historical German by text alignment
PDF 222‑236
(Buch 221-235)
Old German reference corpus: digitizing the knowledgeof the 19th century
PDF 236‑248
(Buch 235-247)
Tools for historical corpus research,and a corpus of Latin
PDF 248‑258
(Buch 247-257)
Inducing linguistic networks from historical corpora
PDF 258‑276
(Buch 257-275)
Syntactic annotation of medieval texts
PDF 276‑286
(Buch 275-286)