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Restructuring Land and Water Use

Restructuring Land and Water Use cover
E-ISBN 9783847002970
P-ISBN 9783847102977
Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Erscheinungstermin 21.01.2015
Seiten 388
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Title Page PDF 3‑4
Copyright PDF 4‑5
Table of Contents PDF 5‑9
Body PDF 9‑9
Foreword (Dr. Georg Schütte) PDF 9‑11
Foreword (Ruzumbay Eshchanov) PDF 11‑13
Section 1: Introduction PDF 13‑15
Paul L. G. Vlek, John P. A. Lamers, Asia Khamzina, Inna Rudenko, Christopher Martius, Bernhard Tischbein, Ruzumbay Eshchanov: Restructuring land allocation, water use and agricultural value chains. Technologies, policies and practices for the lower Amudar PDF 15‑31
Section 2: Production Systems PDF 31‑33
Nodir Djanibekov, Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Kristof Van Assche, Inna Rudenko, Kudrat Nurmetov, John P. A. Lamers: 2.1 Farm restructuring in Uzbekistan through fragmentation to consolidation PDF 33‑33
PDF 33‑45
Alexandra Conliffe: 2.2 Geography Matters: Understanding Smallholder Livelihoods in Rural Khorezm PDF 45‑45
PDF 45‑63
Krishna P. Devkota, Ahmad M. Manschadi, John P. A. Lamers, Erkin Ruzibaev, Mina K. Devkota, Oybek Egamberdiev, Raj K. Gupta, Paul L. G. Vlek: 2.3 Exploring innovations to sustain rice production in Central Asia: A case study from the Khorezm region of Uzb PDF 63‑63
PDF 63‑77
Inna Rudenko, John P. A. Lamers, Utkur Djanibekov, Sanjar Davletov: 2.4 Virtual water along the Uzbek cotton value chain PDF 77‑77
PDF 77‑89
Section 3: Natural Resource Management PDF 89‑91
Bernhard Tischbein, Usman Khalid Awan, Fazlullah Akhtar, Pulatbay Kamalov, Ahmad M. Manschadi: 3.1 Improving irrigation efficiency in the lower reaches of the Amu Darya River PDF 91‑91
PDF 91‑109
Mirzakhayot Ibrakhimov, Bernhard Tischbein, Usman Khalid Awan: 3.2 Knowledge on groundwater – A prerequisite for water management in Khorezm PDF 109‑109
PDF 109‑121
Akmal Akramkhanov, Bernhard Tischbein, Usman Khalid Awan: 3.3 Effective management of soil salinity – revising leaching norms PDF 121‑121
PDF 121‑135
Alexander Tupitsa, John P. A. Lamers, Asia Khamzina, Evgeniy Botman, Martin Worbes, Christopher Martius, Paul L. G. Vlek: 3.4 Adaptation of photogrammetry for tree hedgerow and windbreak assessment in the irrigated croplands of the Khorezm region PDF 135‑135
PDF 135‑153
Dilfuza Djumaeva, John P. A. Lamers, Asia Khamzina, Shirin Babajanova, Ruzumbay Eshchanov, Paul L. G. Vlek: 3.5 Nitrogen fixation by trees with P-fertilization enhances growth and carbon sequestration in degraded irrigated croplands PDF 153‑153
PDF 153‑167
Sebastian Fritsch, Christopher Conrad, Teresa Dürbeck, Gunther Schorcht: 3.6 Mapping marginal land in Khorezm using GIS and remote sensing techniques PDF 167‑167
PDF 167‑179
Elena N. Ginatullina, Laurel Saito, Lisa Atwell, Diana B. Shermetova, Dilorom Fayzieva, John P. A. Lamers, Sudeep Chandra, Margaret Shanafield: 3.7 Water chemistry and zooplankton communities in drainage lakes in downstream Amu Darya, Central Asia PDF 179‑179
PDF 179‑197
Section 4: Production and Resource Economics PDF 197‑199
Maksud Bekchanov, John P. A. Lamers, Christopher Martius: 4.1 Coping with water scarcity in the irrigated lowlands of the lower Amudarya basin, Central Asia PDF 199‑199
PDF 199‑217
Anik Bhaduri, Nodir Djanibekov: 4.2 Potential Water Price Flexibility, Tenure Uncertainty and Cotton Restrictions on Adoption of Efficient Irrigation Technology in Uzbekistan PDF 217‑217
PDF 217‑231
Aziz A. Karimov, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa: 4.3 Assessing Efficiency of input Utilization in Wheat Production in Uzbekistan PDF 231‑231
PDF 231‑253
V. S. Saravanan, Mehmood Ul-Hassan, Benjamin Schraven: 4.4 Irrigation water management in Uzbekistan: analyzing the capacity of households to improve water use profitability PDF 253‑253
PDF 253‑275
Yadira Mori Clement, Anik Bhaduri, Nodir Djanibekov: 4.5 Food price fluctuations in Uzbekistan: Evidences from local markets in 2002–2010 PDF 275‑275
PDF 275‑295
Section 5: Society, Policy and Institutions PDF 295‑297
Bekchanov Maksud, John P. A. Lamers, Kudrat Nurmetov: 5.1 Economic incentives for adopting irrigation innovations in arid environments PDF 297‑297
PDF 297‑317
Anastasiya Shtaltovna, Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Peter P. Mollinga: 5.2 Caught in a Web – Travails of a Machine Tractor Park in Khorezm, Uzbekistan PDF 317‑317
PDF 317‑341
Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Mehmood Ul-Hassan, Laurens van Veldhuizen: 5.3 Follow the innovation: transdisciplinary innovation research in Khorezm, Uzbekistan PDF 341‑341
PDF 341‑363
Section 6: Conclusions and Options for Action PDF 363‑365
John P. A. Lamers, Paul L. G. Vlek, Asia Khamzina, Bernhard Tischbein, Inna Rudenko: Conclusions, recommendations and outlook PDF 365‑365
6.1 Background
PDF 365‑366
6.2 Options to increase water use efficiency
PDF 366‑372
6.3 Options to increase land-use efficiency
PDF 372‑373
6.4 Outlook for restructuring
PDF 373‑377
6.5 References
PDF 377‑379
List of abbreviations and acronyms PDF 379‑381
Glossary of Latin, Russian and Uzbek words PDF 381‑383
List of authors/co-authors and postal addresses PDF 383‑388