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Religion in the Mirror of Law

Religion in the Mirror of Law cover
E-ISBN 9783465141815
P-ISBN 9783465041818
Verlag Vittorio Klostermann
Erscheinungstermin 01.01.2017
Seiten 379
Autor/en Yvonne Kleinmann, Stephan Stach, Tracy Wilson
Seitenpreis pro Teilnehmer Basic: 4.5 Cent / Comfort: 9 Cent


Front Cover PDF 1‑5
(Buch Front Cover-IV)
Impressum PDF 5‑6
(Buch IV-V)
Contents PDF 6‑8
(Buch V-VII)
Acknowledgements PDF 8‑9
Note on Transliteration PDF 9‑10
(Buch VIII-IX)
Y. Kleinmann et al.: Reflections on the Meaning of Religious Belonging in Eastern European Legal Culture PDF 10‑30
(Buch IX-1)
Imagining Law - Imagining Society PDF 30‑32
(Buch 1-3)
J. Heyde: Polemics and Participation PDF 32‑50
(Buch 3-21)
A. Juraschek: Shylock as a Symbol of the Disenfranchised Jew PDF 50‑70
(Buch 21-41)
J. Osterkamp: "Imagined Law" and "Imagined Communities" PDF 70‑90
(Buch 41-61)
T.L. Wilson: Emergent Law: Women´s Charity and Anti-Trafficking Associations PDF 90‑116
(Buch 61-87)
Shifts in Political Rule and the Reorganization of Law PDF 116‑118
(Buch 87-89)
A. Rustemeyer: Blasphemy´s Long Shadow: Confessional, Legal and Institutional Conflict PDF 118‑138
(Buch 89-109)
O. Leskiv: Trust and Conflict: Relations between Ruthenian Priests and Peasants in 19th Century Galicia PDF 138‑156
(Buch 109-127)
H. Kozińska-Witt: Austrian Law, Krakovian Habitus, and Jewish Community PDF 156‑178
(Buch 127-149)
S. Stach: The Institute for Nationality Research (1921-1939) PDF 178‑210
(Buch 149-181)
Competing Laws - Competing Loyalties PDF 210‑212
(Buch 181-183)
D. Segev: Enlightenment versus Religious Law PDF 212‑242
(Buch 183-213)
V. Levin: Civil Law and Jewish Halakhah PDF 242‑270
(Buch 213-241)
L. Hentosh: Competing Loyalties in Galicia PDF 270‑290
(Buch 241-261)
Ethno-Religious Coexistence in Legal Norm and Practice PDF 290‑292
(Buch 261-263)
A. Vaturi: Voivodes and their Office as Agents of the Law in Christian-Jewish Coexistence PDF 292‑312
(Buch 263-283)
Y. Kleinmann: How to Safeguard a Town Constitution in Early Modern Poland PDF 312‑336
(Buch 283-307)
M. Cieśla: The Other Townsfolk: The Legal Status of Jews in Lithuania PDF 336‑358
(Buch 307-329)
E.M. Avrutin: Economic Entanglements and Neighborly Disputes in the Northwest Provinces of the Russian Empire PDF 358‑376
(Buch 329-347)
Notes on Contributors PDF 376‑379
(Buch 347-379)

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