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Economies of English

Economies of English cover
E-ISBN 9783823390671
P-ISBN 9783823380672
Verlag Narr Francke Attempto
Erscheinungstermin 24.10.2016
Seiten 256
Autor/en Genoveva Puskás, Martin Leer
Seitenpreis pro Teilnehmer Basic: 2.24 Cent / Comfort: 4.47 Cent


Table of Contents PDF 6‑8
(Buch Cover5-Cover7)
Acknowledgements PDF 8‑10
(Buch Cover7-Cover9)
General Editor’s Preface PDF 10‑12
(Buch Cover9-Cover11)
Introduction PDF 12‑40
(Buch Cover11-Cover39)
The Cerebral Closet: Language as valeur and trésor in Saussure: John E. Joseph PDF 40‑64
(Buch Cover39-Cover63)
Value of and in Learning Foreign Languages: Claire-A. Forel PDF 64‑76
(Buch Cover63-Cover75)
Teaching and Learning English in Geneva: Questions of Economy, Identity, Globality and Usefulness: Eva Waltermann and Virág Csillagh PDF 76‑98
(Buch Cover75-Cover97)
The Value of English in Multilingual Families: Sarah Chevalier PDF 98‑118
(Buch Cover97-Cover117)
Shakespeare and the Modern Economy: Richard Waswo PDF 118‑130
(Buch Cover117-Cover129)
Money, Morals, and Manners in Renaissance Courtesy Literature: Indira Ghose PDF 130‑144
(Buch Cover129-Cover143)
“Father and son, I ha’ done you simple service here”: The (Interrupted) Circulation of Money in Middleton and Dekker’s The Roaring Girl: Rahel Orgis PDF 144‑164
(Buch Cover143-Cover163)
“How to Live Well on Nothing a Year”: Money, Credit and Debt in William Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: Barbara Straumann PDF 164‑182
(Buch Cover163-Cover181)
“Scrupulous Meanness,” Joyce’s Gift, and the Symbolic Economy of Dubliners: Sangam MacDuff PDF 182‑200
(Buch Cover181-Cover199)
Slippery Subjects: Intersecting Economies of Genre in Gay Male Coming-Out Films, 1995-2015: Martin Mühlheim PDF 200‑226
(Buch Cover199-Cover225)
Spillage and Banditry: Anne Carson’s Derivatives: Oran McKenzie PDF 226‑244
(Buch Cover225-Cover243)
Notes on Contributors PDF 244‑250
(Buch Cover243-Cover249)
Index of Names PDF 250‑256
(Buch Cover249-256)

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