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Infinitives at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Infinitives at the Syntax-Semantics Interface cover
E-ISBN 9783110520583
P-ISBN 9783110518474
Verlag De Gruyter
Erscheinungstermin 26.06.2017
Seiten 372
Autor/en Lukasz Jedrzejowski, Ulrike Demske
Seitenpreis pro Teilnehmer Basic: 3.36 Cent / Comfort: 6.72 Cent


Preface and acknowledgments PDF 5‑7
(Buch v-vii)
Table of contents PDF 7‑9
(Buch vii-ix)
List of contributors PDF 9‑11
(Buch ix-1)
1. Infinitival patterns and their diachronic dynamics: Questions and challenges PDF 11‑41
(Buch 1-31)
I . Acl verbs and restructuring effects PDF 41‑41
(Buch 31-31)
2. Restructuring at the syntax-semantics interface PDF 41‑65
(Buch 31-55)
3. The Romanian infinitive selected by perception and cognition verbs PDF 65‑91
(Buch 55-81)
4. A diachronic perspective on the semantics of AcI clauses in Greek PDF 91‑125
(Buch 81-115)
II. Infinitive structures versus other non-finite and finite patterns PDF 125‑125
(Buch 115-115)
5. Finite, infinitival and verbless complementation: The case of believe, suppose and find PDF 125‑157
(Buch 115-147)
6. Early Modern Romanian infinitives: origin and replacement PDF 157‑179
(Buch 147-169)
7. Semantic factors for the status of control infinitives in the history of German PDF 179‑203
(Buch 169-193)
8. Anti-agreeing infinitives in Old Hungarian PDF 203‑233
(Buch 193-223)
9. The emergence of expressions for purpose relations in older Indo-European languages PDF 233‑275
(Buch 223-265)
10. Main clause infinitival predicates and their equivalents in Slavic: Why they are not instances of insubordination PDF 275‑349
(Buch 265-339)
Language index PDF 349‑351
(Buch 339-341)
Subject index PDF 351‑372
(Buch 341-372)